Mediation & Arbitration

John W. Tulac offers more than 30 years of expertise in the field of mediation and arbitration. He has mediated over 800 cases and arbitrated over 100 cases.

For conflict resolution, lawyers and businesspeople alike rely on John for his invaluable experience and knowledge derived from years of practice and countless hours of theory and education.

Mediation is practical and infinitely more cost-effective than conventional litigation. John brings peace to the business world, one dispute at a time:

“I advocate mediation as a strategy for conflict resolution and management for three basic reasons: prudent use of your time; intelligent use of your money and resources; and recognition that what divides us is also what we have in common. Conflict can be a positive experience. Conflict can be collaborative. Conflict can bring about innovation and change. Wise negotiation and conflict resolution are all about people.”

John Tulac

In addition to conducting mediations, John offers mediation planning services and conflict management systems, including evaluating an organization’s mediation profile, training in mediation advocacy; methods to limit costs and potential liability through conflict management, dispute prevention and early case evaluation, saving businesses enormous time and money, as well as reducing liability:

“A strategic plan for cost-effective dispute resolution is a matter of dollars and sense. Creating a collaborative atmosphere and committing to mediation advocacy within the business culture can significantly reduce the number of matters that escalate into disputes that might otherwise end up in litigation. Once businesses fully understand the long-term value of conflict management, dispute prevention, mediation planning, and mediation advocacy – in terms of projected savings in dollars, time and effort, and the preservation of important relationships – business executives and entrepreneurs quickly adopt mediation strategy as part of an overall business plan.”

John Tulac


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